Potential Owners/Operators


Owning and running your own public miniature railway is a fairly common dream for many men. There are very few female railway tycoons but there are a lot of family miniature railway concerns where couples and families work together. If you want to buy or build a miniature or narrow gauge railway we can help.

The key first step should be to think about what its is you want to achieve.?

If your key aim is to make vast amounts of money then Banking would be a better choice!

If you are only interested in driving a steam train then helping run someone else’s railway would be a better option. Most of our members welcome volunteers on their railways. See which of our members runs miniature trains near to you and get in touch.

But if you are willing to learn new skills and do a variety of things , then running a miniature railway may be a rewarding option for you.

There are two routes to running your own public miniature railway

1. Buy an existing miniature railway and put your own stamp on it.

The lowest risk option , quickest , easiest and probably the cheapest.

2. Find a site, obtain planning etc approvals and build your own miniature railway

It will be your railway, and designed how you want it. But don’t underestimate the issues and the costs. See the Building a New Public Railway Page or comments from members on an example

How we can help:

1. You can join Britain’s Great Little Railways as a prospective operator. You will get access to our members area, contact details of all the railway owners and managers, quarterly e newsletter and ability to attend the 2 general meetings. It will give you access to the people who are carrying around a million passengers a year. It will cost £35 per annum.

2. You can arrange to meet and talk to our members who are usually very happy to provide advice, guidance and a vast amount of experience. But do make contact in advance rather than just turning up.

3. You can email our Company Secretary and ask for advice if you are serious. We work together and do not regard other railways as competitors.