NBR Engineering

North Bay Engineering Services Limited was set up in 2013 by David Humphreys former owner of North Bay Railway Scarborough with Mark Ashton and is based in Darlington, the cradle of railways and the biggest centre of railway heritage in the World.

NBRES provides a top-quality professional engineering / manufacturing service for the heritage industry in all its many different facets. Collectively they have vast experience designing and manufacturing railway locomotives and rolling stock, large scale and full-size traction engines and stationary steam plant. They design and build welded, PED certified boilers (Both UKCA and CE) to customer requirements using the most appropriate certified body for the job requirement from large scale miniatures to small size standard gauge.

They have a fully equipped machine shop, boiler shop and erecting shop that can easily cope with up to 3 ft gauge railway equipment and full-size traction engines.  New built up to small standard gauge can be made also. To date, the Company has completed 6 new build, full size narrow gauge locomotives and presently has 3 full size Narrow Gauge locomotives and road vehicles in production. They look at every job no matter how big or small and will quote for anything within reason including rebuilding and refurbishment work through to individual component manufacture.

In a nutshell if you want it, they can design in house and build it.

Their Services

  • Heritage Engineering
  • Certified Welded Boilers to both UKCA and CE certification
  • Traction Engine Specialists
  • Fabrication
  • General Machining

Tel: 07831 381333

Web: http://www.nbres.co.uk/