Barnards Miniature Railway

Barnards Miniature Railway was officially opened on Sunday 5th September 2010 when the first 260m of 7 1/4 inch gauge running track was completed. Since then the railway has seen many changes, including the relocation and building of the new Burton Shaw Terminus, and extending of the line to just under one mile in length to Angel Green Terminus, giving a return trip of 1.8miles. Most trains traverse then entire length of the line, with the occasional local train which runs from Burton Shaw to Belvedere and back via a loop just outside of Belvedere.

Passengers begin and end their journey at Burton Shaw Terminus. This station boasts a covered kitchen & seating area, 3 spacious toilets and a track layout similar to that of Hythe at the RHDR. There are several picnic benches alongside the station canopy, and a viewing area of the Signal box and turntable area. Upon arrival visitors cross the line via Burton Shaw level crossing, which is mechanically operated via the Signal Box.

During 2019 more work will be done to improve the railway, including installing a double track section between Burton Shaw and Belvedere providing an Up and Down line instead of the current single track section.

The railway’s motive power depot is made up of two locomotive sheds, a workshop, mess room, office and rolling stock shed. There is a large traverser which services the main loco shed, and a turntable situated in the yard.

BMR operates a fleet of Steam, Diesel / Petrol Hydraulic and Electric locomotives.

Serviceable Locomotives:

  • Narrow Gauge Steam
  • 0-4-2 Thomas II “Ernie Turner”
  • 0-4-2 Thomas II “Christabel E Holmes”
  • 0-4-2 Tinkerbell “Joan”
  • 0-4-2 Exmoor Tank “Doris Holborn”
  • 0-4-2 Exmoor Tank “Jeremy”
  • 0-4-2 Exmoor Tank “Jean”
  • 0-4-0 Freelance “Isabel”
  • 0-4-0 Large Stafford “Sally Anne”
  • Scale Standard Gauge Steam
  • 2-10-0 BR 9F “Black Prince”
  • 4-6-2 BR Class 7 “Britannia”
  • Mainline Diesel / Petrol
  • Co – Co Mardyke Class 47 “Silcock Express”
  • Bo – Bo Mardyke Class 35 Hymek
  • Co – Co Mardyke Twin Engine Deltic
  • Works Diesel / Petrol
  • 0-4-0 Narrow Gauge “Spuggy”
  • 0-4-0 Narrow Gauge “Dereck”
  • Electric
  • 2 Car Electric Unit
  • Bo-Bo LEV6 Mardyke Electric Railbus

This year will see the completion of a 2nd Electric Unit designed to work with our existing unit. This will mean we have the ability to provide a 4 car, enclosed 1st class shuttle service.

We are in need of volunteers, please contact us if you are able to help.

Barnards Miniature Railway
Barnards Farm
Brentwood Road
West Horndon
CM13 3LX