Barnards Miniature Railway

Barnards Miniature Railway was officially opened on Sunday 5th September 2010 when the first 260m of running track was completed. Since then our volunteers have been working hard to extend the line and as we prepare for our Santa Express running in 2015  we have reached Sitooterie Halt  a good 1.2km from our starting point at Burtonshaw Terminus. The Halt is located a short woodland walk away from the Sitooterie which is on the lakeside. It has a central platform and like Burton Shaw 3 tracks and a turntable.


Our loop line runs from our new, albeit grass car park, to Belvedere Station and back which is itself a 1.3Km run.


During 2016 more work will be done to again extend the line to 1.5Km, this time to the other Terminus to be called ‘Angel Green’.


The main Terminus: Burton Shaw has been relocated  to a more sylvan position where station buildings and toilets have been added. Burton Shaw Terminus is a 2-platform station with 3 tracks. The middle track being the engine release road which allows our steam and diesel engines to run round their trains via the turntable which is located at the East end of the Station adjacent to the new signal box and wind pump.


Soft water feeds and electric light have been provided at 3 of our soon to be four stations.

The line is aluminum 7 1/4 inch gauge and we have two engine sheds, a carriage shed, a small workshop and a Mess.

We run Steam, Diesel/Hydraulic, Petrol and Electric locos. Two, new to us, steamers have been acquired in 2015.

Our ambitious project for this year apart from completing the running line is to install a ‘Traverser’ in the yard to facilitate the use of the new engine shed and a remotely operated road-crossing gate.

In 2016 we will be enjoying Steam and Diesel days, running our Easter, Candles on the Lake Lighting Extravaganza  and Santa Express trains as well as hosting six birthday parties and supporting Barnards Farm when it opens its gardens to raise funds for the charities supported by the National Garden Scheme (NGS)

Barnards Miniature Railway
Barnards Farm
Brentwood Road
West Horndon
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